We are Hotel Moment

And this Moment is yours

Our philosophy holds that a great hotel is much more than just a building full of bedrooms. No matter how well callibrated the firmness of its pillows or perfectly balanced the aroma of its coffee, a hotel, if it is to be worthy of even a single honest star, must be animated by a genuine spirit of hospitality – the commitment to fully care for the comfort and wellbeing of each of its guests, to ensure that they depart in an even better state than when they arrived.

Hotel Moment
in the past

Lodge for tired travellers

Our great hotel, the largest and most fully featured in the area, has welcomed guests from all over the world for over 30-years. While it has changed hands, names, and personalities through that time, it has always held its reputation as a local landmark of high-quality service – the place to stay, meet, celebrate, and enjoy one’s time when in and around Velika Plana.
In 2018, the property was acquired by Moment Group, who gave it its present name and identity, along with renewed vitality and purpose.

Hotel Moment

Pleasant and comfy place for a rest

The ongoing objectives of the new Hotel Moment as a strategically positioned regional hub for travel, recreation, and enterprise are to elevate standards of hospitality, inspire confidence and optimism in those who come here, and spark new opportunities for connection, friendship, and business.
Whatever reason you have for being in this lovely part of Serbia, you’ll benefit from visitng us at Hotel Moment, and even more so every next time, because we’re never going to stop improving.