Hotel Moment
since 2019

High quality hotel & catering services

Hotel Moment is a quiet and pleasant place for short breaks and long stays. We’re situated 90 km from Belgrade (en route to Niš) on the E75 highway.

In our restaurant you can enjoy delicious local and classic popular dishes. Hotel guests are provided with 45 parking places with security cameras at all times.

Moment's moments

Every moment here makes a pleasant atmosphere

Special benefits

All guest needs are important to us

10% off all menu items

Stay a night at hotel Moment and automatically receive a 10% discount on all food and drinks in the restaurant.

Quick Shopping

Need some essentials, but don’t have time to enjoy the ambience? Grab it all and get back on the road in just a moment.

Self-serve Car wash

Want to arrive at your destination spotless? We can help. Both guests and their vehicles can clean up nicely at Moment.

Tour lunch breaks

Travelling by bus is exciting, but famishing. Take a break at restaurant Moment, where all the passengers will be speedily served.

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